The Sand Scrub That Will Change Your Life!

The Crucian Sand Scrub

Crucian Sand Scrub

Mia Lueur

Crucian Sand Scrub

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The Sand Scrub that will change your LIFE!! 

The Crucian Sand Scrub is packed with major components that are straight out of St.Croix, USVI! A Crucian Flare of Sandy Point Sand, Pumice, Aloe Vera Oil, Mango Seed Oil, Mango Extract, Babassu Oil, And Cranberry Seed Oil!

This Sand Scrub has a plethora of benefits for the skin!


Exfoliates skin

Removes dead skin cells and other unwanted material

Allows the pores of the skin to function properly

Speeds healing and disappearance of scars

Increases circulation

Stimulates lymphatic system

And So Much More!!

This Scrub is for BOTH Men and Women!! 

Do not use on your face!

Size: 8oz


Masking Made Easier

The Lueur Bamboo Set

Lueur Bamboo Set

Mia Lueur

Lueur Bamboo Set


This bamboo bowl and spoon makes masking a bit easier!! 

This bowl and spoon is made from 100% bamboo! Grab this set for your mask days!