Mia Lueur is our Founder and Owner; Cleo, self love story in a formula!
Cleo suffered from numerous skin disorders that affected the way she viewed herself! However, Cleo found healing in the earth at the age of 16, and ever since, none of her disorders has resurfaced! 11 years has passed, and she has came into contact with so many who suffered or is suffering with the same issues she had! Cleo realized that it was no coincidence that she connected with such individuals. It then clicked for her that her story and testimony needs to be shared, along with the physical source that reversed her disorders.

During that time of conviction to share, she lost her cousin Mia tragically. Mia suffered with those exact skin disorders Cleo had. Despite Mia skin disorders, she still glowed through it all. Mia was always known for her high self confidence, she always carried a ray of light despite whatever negativity may be going on around her. She loved herself, and what love is better than self love! 
Mia held all the values Cleo intended for her skin care line. The line already had a name, but conviction struck again, and now we have Mia Lueur!