Mia Lueur

Skin Renewal Mask

$22.00 $25.00


The Skin Renewal Mask is a detoxifying powerhouse that will create balance, draw out all impurities, hydrate, evens skin tone, release any skin congestion or breakouts, and boost blood flow through your face that gives you that supple glow. 

This mask is a fine powdered balance of unrefined charcoal, clay, and rose originated in Egypt. 

Mask Benefits:

- Cleanses Skin

-Unclogs Pores

-Removes Deeper Impurities to treat Acne or Reduce the Risk of Pimples and Skin Infections

-Calms inflamed breakouts

-Antioxidant Powerhouse

-Strengthen Skin Cells

-Regenerates Skin's Tissue

-Oil Reducer

This Super Mask Is For All Skin Types! Purchase The Renewal Mask Set for the Lueur Bamboo Bowl. 

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